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School / College automation

In contemporary world, management and administration of any organization particularly an educational institutions be it a school or college has become a complex and harder task than ever before. Many of the responsibilities and processes this tedious job requires is careful planning, systematic approach and accurate control of administrative processes to manage the worst to best students, produce exceptionally best results and create a better impression and identity of itself. Now, institutions are desperately requiring the help of technology to improvise their methods and maintain a tranquil edge to their educational administration. nTier softwares plans and provides such solutions that are as innovative as they are user friendly to acquire quickly and easily.

Our school automation system provides strategies that help you with various responsibilities that go easier than before. Some of them are:

  • Reduces paper work from admission to graduation, student management to alumni formation, academic to non-academic and old method to technical.
  • Minimize repeated works and automatic manage the complete functionality of your school system.
  • Accurate time scheduling or time table saves most of the staff time during any special occasion like summer vacation for creative activities, annual celebrations, examinations and plans for next academic session.
  • We have prepared I to act as huge time saver and provide proper communication between the parents, management and staff.